On The Land

ontheland1Maggie Nelson, F/V Mystic

Healthy, organically enriched soil is the foundation of healthy food production. Industrialized food production relies upon chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to quickly manufacture food – this is NOT the Wild Way! Organic living topsoil, essential to keeping our planet viable, is the Wild Way. There really is no separation between land and sea. The chemicals and fertilizers which we apply to our farmlands are running off into our waterways leaving sea life and ecosystems in peril.

Pacific Sardine
(Sardinops sagax)ontheland2

Wild Planet Foods supports environmentally-conscious organizations such as the Rodale Institute’s Your 2 Cents program, which works to increase the number of organic farms and farmers. We are also in favor of biodynamic farming and the slow-food movement whose goal is to produce sustainable food and promote local small businesses.