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True to The Wild Way, every seafood product we offer meets or exceeds the following sustainability criteria:

  1. The BIOMASS of fish is healthy and not over-fished
  2. The HABITAT is not damaged by the fishing method
  3. The CATCH METHOD is virtually free from by-catch of early juvenile fish and other non-targeted species
  4. Any INCIDENTAL CATCH of non-target species is retained and utilized (not discarded)

This is the Wild Way! Sure, you may pay a touch more, but the value in return is priceless: a marine ecosystem that is healthy, vibrant, prolific with biodiverse harmony and balance. This is the way we found the oceans and this is the way we must leave them. The Wild Way is to treat the ecosystem with respect, to take only what it can give and to waste nothing taken.

Wild Planet sources albacore and skipjack tuna only from pole and troll fisheries, considered a BEST CHOICE in harvest technique by a consensus of international environmental organizations.
NO PURSE SEINE OR LONG-LINE CAUGHT TUNA is used in our product line.


Wild Planet Atlantic (Morocco) and Pacific (Japan) Sardines are an excellent choice for sustainability as their populations are abundant. Wild Planet Sardines are sustainably harvested in well-managed fisheries with negligible by-catch and no habitat damage. Sardines are versatile and flavorful, each a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein, calcium, iron and potassium.  These fish provide an excellent way to eat lower in the food chain.


Wild caught salmon from the Pacific Northwest (Alaska and British Columbia) are considered a BEST CHOICE for sustainability as per the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Pacific salmon are among the most intensively managed species in the world, with excellent monitoring of both the fish populations and the fishery itself.


They are sustainably caught by targeted small-scale purse seine vessels and have almost no by-catch of any other species. In Wild Planet’s opinion, White Anchovies are a great consumer choice, because they are naturally rich in abundant nutrients, like Omega 3, protein, calcium and more. We believe humans would benefit greatly from adding these tasty little fish to our diets. The White Anchovy is a delicate fish with a naturally tender texture and rich flavor. When one considers anchovies, we immediately think of the highly salty brown anchovy sold as a topping for Caesar salads and pizzas. The difference is those types are cured in salt brine for weeks before processing, which fundamentally changes the flavor of the fish. Wild Planet White Anchovies, on the other hand, are canned directly out of the water without brine storage or even freezing. We simply can the anchovies ‘sardine style’ in either water or extra virgin olive oil. The result is a delicate fish with mild flavor – perfect for a tapas platter, over a salad or simply on a cracker. These are possibly the tastiest canned fish of all!

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This abundant North Pacific fish is wild-caught with single-species targeted purse seine fishing. It is a fish highly prized in Sushi Restaurants worldwide for its mild flavor and rich oil content.


This superabundant fish is sustainably caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Wild Planet uses single species targeted purse-seine fishing methods, which virtually eliminate by-catch of other species while also benefiting the overall marine ecosystem. Mackerel is known as Saba in sushi restaurants where it is served grilled. This fish is delicately textured and resembles a fresh tuna steak in flavor. It is a delicious source of Omega 3. This fish is one of the best choices for eating lower in the food chain and for selecting a plentiful species for sustainability considerations.

Fishing for Change.
Sustainable fishing methods minimizes the by-catch of millions of pristine sea creatures.