Organic Roasted Chicken Breast No Salt Added – 5oz


Our new Organic Roasted Chicken is pure skinless, boneless chicken breast meat, roasted right in the can – no added salt or liquids!



Skinless, boneless chicken roasted right in the can with 12g Protein per 2oz serving!

Never injected with water, modifying starches or other fillers, this moist, meaty and very flavorful chicken is delicious straight from the can, or perfect for chicken salad, burritos, or as an addition to soups. Quick, easy and versatile, this is the chicken you’ll reach for over and over again for a meal or a snack.

• Available in a 5oz can
• USDA certified organic free range chicken
• The chickens are Certified Humane Raised and Handled®certifiedhumane.org
• Roasted in the can without added water or liquids, resulting in delicious rotisserie taste
• Flavorful natural juices remain with the chicken to mix back in for serving
• No need to drain – 100% chicken in its own juice, compared to other canned chicken, which usually contains up to 40% water and often, processing additives
• Ingredients: Organic chicken breast

  • Dee

    This stuff is absolutely lovely. Most of the reviews I've read other places (like Amazon) were either by salt addicts or people who're too accustomed to older styles of canned chicken to adapt to change - poor expectations in either case. Just in case anyone reads the reviews before ordering, ... what you can expect: No salt. Seriously. If you're used to standard canned chicken, you're accustomed to a lot of brine, both flavor and texture (consider: brining chicken, effects of). A solid puck of meat in a bit of liquid - roasting shredded chicken in a container (you can try if you like - I have) will result in something similar, as the chicken's liquid cooks out a bit. This meat shreds readily enough, and can be chunked with a sharp knife if you're hooked on old-style macro texture; it'll still come apart a darned sight easier than cubed chicken you cook, or even old-style canned varieties.

  • Sayers

    Makes the BEST chicken salad ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jody m

    I actually buy this for my dog who has renal disease. He must have a low sodium diet, so I add in a tiny bit of the canned chicken to his wet food and he absolutely loves it. He also loves the juice in the can as well. ... I love that it is organic as well. Well worth the price.

  • Becky Grisell

    Love it going to order
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