Wild Sockeye Salmon
No Salt Added – 6oz

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Wild caught by small-scale fishing families in the pristine, icy waters of Alaska, our Wild Sockeye Salmon is a deep red color and chock full of true salmon flavor, without added salt.



17g Protein, 90% Daily Value of Vitamin D, and an average of 709mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per 3oz serving.

Skinless and boneless fillets are packed into cans and cooked just once to retain their nutritional potency and natural juices. This sockeye salmon is canned fresh upon catch (rather than being frozen before canning), which results in superior flavor and texture.

For a delicious protein-packed lunch, layer cucumbers, dill, flaked sockeye salmon, and a touch of sour cream on pumpernickel bread, or try our Savory Salmon Cakes for a quick and nourishing meal. Top a whole grain cracker with sockeye salmon, capers and a squeeze of lemon for a light and healthy snack!

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• Available in a 6 ounce can (170g)
• OU Kosher Pareve
• Gluten Free
• Fish caught in Alaska
• Ingredients: Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka).

  • Elizabeth (verified owner)

    So good I just eat it straight from the can. Chilled leftovers are even better the next day.

  • James (verified owner)

    Great stuff.

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