The Wild Way

wild_way0 Pink Salmon
(Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)

For millennia the earth has been a thriving, prolific planet teeming with life. It goes without saying that human survival is dependent upon the wellbeing of earth’s ecosystem and, therefore, we all have a moral obligation to preserve and protect our wild planet by putting its health before economic gain.

To that end Wild Planet Foods is committed to looking for ways to maximize the health and resources of our wild planet and, thus, boost its food production output and its ability to sustain harvesting. Food is one of the most important things we can obtain from the planet. Wild Planet stands for a balance between producing healthy food while at the same time maintaining a flourishing planet. That is the WILD WAY.

Here at Wild Planet, we are serious about what we sell. Since 2004 we have been selecting only the finest quality, 100% sustainably caught seafood for all of our packaged products. We source our tuna exclusively from pole and troll catch fisheries, never using purse seine or long-line gear. Pole and troll fishing has been rated the best catch method for sustainability by a consensus of eco-organizations including The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch ® Program, Greenpeace and Fishwise. It is our goal to provide market driven change in global harvest practices as well as impact consumer choices in seafood consumption through education.



William F. Carvalho (Pictured on the right)

A seafood industry veteran with 24 years of experience, William (Bill) Carvalho leads Wild Planet Foods as its president. Prior to starting Wild Planet in 2004, Mr. Carvalho headed up Carvalho Fisheries which he founded in 1990 and grew to become a major primary receiver and producer of West Coast seafood products. His visionary skills and industry acumen over the last decade has helped pioneer a number of niche markets in the seafood arena such as the creation and development of live Dungeness crab and the European export for Albacore tuna. Mr. Carvalho has used his industry expertise and natural food ideals to help position Wild Planet’s shelf-stable product line as a leader in the specialty and sustainable seafood category. Mr. Carvalho is currently a director and secretary of the American Fishermen’s Research Foundation, an organization whose mission is to obtain scientific data for sustainable tuna stocks. He speaks at domestic and international conferences and is viewed as a leader in the seafood sustainability movement.

William J. McCarthy (Pictured on the left)

William (Bill) McCarthy serves as vice president of operations and procurement at Wild Planet Foods. He brings over 25 years of industry experience to the company in which he oversees, amongst many other things, the procurement of only the finest wild seafood from fisheries that are sustainable and free of habitat destruction. Mr. McCarthy was instrumental in positioning Wild Planet’s product line to capture the interest of a growing consumer base that was looking for higher quality products.