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SUSTAINABLE SEAS Wild King Salmon - 5oz

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Limited-Edition Item!
Skinless & Boneless Wild King Salmon with 14g Protein & an average of 1,045mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 per 3oz serving!

Sustainable Seas – another brand offered by Wild Planet – provides a line of water-packed tuna products, sourced from vessels practicing the same pole & line fishing methods as the tuna sourced for the Wild Planet label. In addition, Sustainable Seas periodically offers other sustainably sourced, limited-edition canned seafood. At this time, we are pleased to offer Wild King Salmon – a very special item that cannot be found in stores.

For a limited time only, Wild Planet online customers may purchase 12 Packs and 24 Packs of our Value Vault: Sustainable Seas Wild King Salmon. The Value Vault prices are 12 Packs for $24.00 and 24 Packs for $43.20. These cans have a Best By date of January 2021.

Sustainably sourced in the icy waters of Alaska, this Wild King Salmon – also known as Chinook salmon – is a full-flavored fish. Compared to Sockeye salmon, this fish has a higher fat content and is richer in Omega 3.

Skinless and boneless fillets are packed and cooked just once to retain their nutritional potency and natural juices, containing an average of 1,045mg EPA and DHA Omega 3 and 14g Protein per 3oz serving. There is no need to drain this Wild King Salmon – it’s fantastic straight from the can!

Wild King Salmon is a delicious rich-flavored fish which can be enjoyed in many ways. Try it on a slice of roasted potato with sour cream. Sprinkle with seasoned salt, ground black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over a bed of jasmine rice. Add to a bowl of pasta with a drizzle of pesto sauce!

Once this limited-edition item is gone, it’s gone! Purchase your Value Vault: Sustainable Seas Wild King Salmon – 5oz cans today!

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• Each 12-Pack and 24-Pack contains Sustainable Seas King Salmon 5oz cans with a Best By date of January 2021.
• Fish wild caught in Alaska
• OU Kosher Pareve
• Gluten Free
• Ingredients: King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and sea salt.
• Learn more about Best By dates by visiting our FAQ page.

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